Birthdate: 25 June 1952
Birthplace: Bucharest, Romania

University degrees:
Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest, Department of Polymer Science (1971-1976).
Doctorate Thesis: The Study of Some Volume and Interaface Processes in Liquid Crystals (1989).

Analyst at Estimate Center (1976-1981)
Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest
- assist-prof. (1981-1991)
- lecturer (1991-1996)
- reader (1996-2000)
- full professor(2000-

Lectures, Seminars, and Laboratories:
Molecular physics, Liquid crystals physics, Liquid state physics (Undergraduate students)
Polymer physics (masterate)
Phase transitions (Ph.D. school)

General Research Interests:
General l
iquid physics (integro-differential equations, perturbation theories, phase transitions, interface properties);
Liquid crystal physics (phase transitions, interface properties, confined liquid crystals, ferronematics, random field, cholesterics, surface waves,stability, hydrodynamics, liquid crystals--non-mesogenic (aerosils, colloids, polymers, carbone nanotubes) mixtures;
Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (phase transitions, ergodic and non-ergodic systems, stability).

For the results of the researches I received the Romanian Academic Prize for physics in 1986.

International Collaborations:

T. J. Sluckin and A. A. Wheeler, University of Southampton, UK
S. Romano, Universita di Pavia, Italy
P. Oswald, Ecole Normale Superieur de Lyon, France
G. Barbero, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
S. Kralj, University of Maribor, Slovenia
P. A. M. van der Schoot. Eindhoven University of Technology, The Nederlands

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